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Behind the Door Family Exhibition

December 3, 2015 to January 31, 2016


The exhibition Behind the Door, conceived especially for children, is a journey inside Child’s Room a tapestry by Alfred Pellan.

Discover the artist’s fantastic world by handling objects, feeling a variety of textures and drawing in the exhibition area. Mysterious doors, living picture frames and a reading nook provide a whole new art experience. You can even visit the exhibition . . . on a tricycle!

A fun time for the whole family.

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    Photo: Idra Labrie, MNBAQ.

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    Photo: Idra Labrie, MNBAQ.

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    Photo: Idra Labrie, MNBAQ.

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    Photo: Idra Labrie, MNBAQ.

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    Photo: Idra Labrie, MNBAQ.