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Latent Energies: Paul-Émile Borduas in the Present The donation by Michael J. Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa

February 24, 2022 to May 1, 2022

The title Latent Energies refers to the energies that exist without being apparent, to the changes of state of matter and to the multiple polarities that are expressed in the creation and thought of Paul-Émile Borduas. Latent energies are found in matter, body and mind, between the Self and the Other, in light and darkness, time and space, the public and the intimate, trauma and resilience, all polarities that testify to the complexity of human nature.

From Borduas to today, many artists have anchored their aesthetic research in a territory and a geography that harbor incomparable forces, as well as in the identity and emotional ties that shape the human being and his experience of the world. The exhibition Latent Energies places Borduas' work in dialogue with several recent acquisitions from the MNBAQ's collection in order to reflect on creation and commitment, between historicism and presentism. Works by Nadia Myre, Michaëlle Sergile, Michel Campeau, Alain Paiement, Jean Paul Riopelle and Dominique Blain complete the exhibition.


Artwork: Paul-Émile Borduas, Figures schématiques, 1956 (2021.184) Collection of Michael Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa © Succession Paul-Émile Borduas / SOCAN (2021)