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Opening a Dialogue About Body Liberation

June 12, 2021 to September 12, 2021

Throughout his career, Picasso was tenacious in his desire to deconstruct the aesthetic canons associated with the representation of the human figure. What if, as a society, we too chose to thumb our noses at the standards of beauty and embrace the richness of bodily diversity?

The group exhibition Opening a Dialogue is an invitation to look beyond physical ideals.

Body liberation is a social movement that promotes inclusion, acceptance, appreciation and respect for all body types. It doesn't matter if they are fat, from diverse backgrounds, living with a disability or a condition that affects their appearance, have different gender expressions or are old.

This movement aims to highlight bodies that are poorly represented in popular media - movies, advertising, social networks, magazines, etc. - in order to offer different models to identify with. It helps to build self-esteem and self-confidence. It is also an important lever for shifting social norms, deconstructing prejudices and promoting inclusive practices.

The exhibition brings together works from the MNBAQ's collection and those of guest artists who are interested in the representation of the body and who open a dialogue on bodily diversity. These works break down gender stereotypes, speak of grossophobia and address the representation of non-normed bodies.

The exhibition, composed of illustrations, photographs, sculptures, paintings and crochet dolls, will present the work of The Womanhood Project, Chason Yeboah, Kamissa Ma Koïta, Kezna DalzFred LaforgeAlain BenoitMarion WagschalArianne ClémentHaley Morris-Cafiero and Les folies passagères.

Trigger warning: the exhibit contains nudity, deals with sensitive subjects and includes language related to mental illness, eating disorders and self-harm.

The ticket for the exhibition Picasso. Figures automatically gives you access to the exhibition Opening A Dialogue.