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Toward Artistic Renewal Around «Le Nigog» magazine, 1918

October 9, 2014 to March 15, 2015

In January 1918 a few French-speaking Montreal intellectuals – Robert Laroque de Rocquebrune, Léo-Pol Morin and Fernand Préfontaine – founded the monthly magazine Le Nigog.

From January to December 1918 some thirty contributors took part in this adventure by turns, commenting in French or English on the artistic scene of the day. Literature, music, architecture and visual arts found here an open space for catching the public’s eye, one devoted to promoting art and to the debates to which artistic activity gives rise.

The exhibition brings together some thirty works – paintings, pastels and sculptures – by artists such as Ozias Leduc, Clarence Gagnon, John Lyman, Henri Hébert and Adrien Hébert. Visitors will also discover little-known paintings by Charles Gill, Georges Delfosse and Charles De Belle.

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    Charles Gill, Le Problème d'échecs, 1904. Huile sur toile. Coll. MNBAQ

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    Adrien Hébert, Élévateurs à grain, 1929. Huile sur toile. Coll. MNBAQ

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    Rita Mount, Percé, vers 1923. Huile sur toile. Coll. MNBAQ

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    Henri Hébert, Fatum, 1918. Plâtre polychrome. Coll. MNBAQ

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    Charles de Belle, Le Baiser, avant 1926. Huile sur bois. Coll. MNBAQ

  • C79f986add5460d41922d9c3380fe824?v=4

    Ozias Leduc, Le Nouveau Testament éclairant L'Ancien Testament, probablement 1917. Huile sur toile. Coll. MNBAQ

  • 6987c0abce4096c4e0a204a56754bb36?v=3

    Napoléon Bourassa, Les Petits Pêcheurs, vers 1865. Huile sur toile. Coll. MNBAQ

  • Ea958080593f95c5604fabc7398517bd?v=3

    John Lyman, Corinne, 1919. Huile sur toile. Coll. MNBAQ


An exhibition produced and circulated by the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.