Demande de Réservation

Tradition and Modernism in Québec

Travel back in time to the earliest annual fine arts exhibitions! This exhibition illustrates two artistic realities, the birth of modern art and the desire to preserve traditional values, at a time when they collide. 

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    View of the gallery Tradition and modernism in Québec, showing at the MNBAQ.

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    Maurice Cullen, L’Anse-des Mères, 1904. Oil on canvas, 144.6 x 176.2 cm. MNBAQ Coll.

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    Edwin Headley Holgate, Paul, Dog-driver, probably 1929. Oil on canvas, 65.2 x 55.3 cm. MNBAQ Coll. 

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    Adrien Hébert, Saint-Denis Street, 1927. Oil on canvas, 190,6 x 138,2 cm. MNBAQ collection