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View the Night

November 2, 2023 to March 17, 2024


Humankind has sought since the dawn of time to ward off the night.

The MNBAQ invites you to contemplate it.


The MNBAQ wishes to promote the works in its collection by presenting a group exhibition focusing on the theme of the night. View the Night seeks to place the works at the heart of an intimate and enveloping experience in which visitors’ senses, feelings and, indeed, memories guide them.

The exhibition highlights the artists’ virtuosity in making obscurity perceptible by drawing shapes, faces, and landscapes from the shadows or by representing the maze of dreams. View the Night is an encounter with nocturnal light, whether it is natural moonlight and starlight, or artificial candlelight and electric light.


Photo : MNBAQ, Denis Legendre

Photo : MNBAQ, Louis Hébert

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The exhibition comprises more than 60 works from the MNBAQ’s collection, from ancient to present-day art, and 15 works from the Musée de la civilisation. It assembles a selection of drawings, prints, paintings, photographs, sculptures, videos, and an array of intriguing objects.

A poetic exploration of darkness, to be experienced even during the day!




An exhibition organized by the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, in collaboration with the Musée de la civilisation (MCQ).