Demande de Réservation


Like all Canadian museums, MNBAQ authenticates and appraises art only within the framework of proposed donations or purchases of works with a view to their inclusion in the museum’s collection. We receive hundreds of requests for information each year and, unfortunately, the institution is not mandated for this kind of service.

To obtain information about a work or an artist, a market value appraisal or a certificate of authenticity, we recommend that you contact

  • a gallery owner
  • an antique dealer
  • an auctioneer.

These professionals are used to handling these types of requests; in fact, the Musée calls on them in such cases.

For your information, the majority of Canada’s major commercial galleries are members of the Art Dealers Association of Canada. Please note that there will be fees if you contact a private business specializing in the art market because part of the art professionals’ livelihood derives from this kind of request.

However, for reasons of independence and impartiality, the MNBAQ cannot be seen to favour one such business over another and therefore cannot offer references.