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The MNBAQ shop offers a wide range of gift ideas related to the visual arts: publications, decorative objects, jewellery, posters and stationery. Some are exclusive, such as objects inspired by our collections and feature exhibitions. Most of our products are designed and made by Québec craftspeople.

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    Exclusive MNBAQ Apron. Conception: Milan design (adult: $49.95 / kid: $39.95) 

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    MNBAQ Drawing Table ($11.95) / MNBAQ Box of crayons (5.95$)

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    Guides to the collections | 3 MNBAQ publications accompany the redeployment of the collections of contemporary art, the decorative arts and design and Inuit art from the Brousseau – Hydro-Québec collection in the Pierre Lassonde pavilion ($19.95 each)

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    MNBAQ reusable bag available in 3 colors:  green, pink and blue ($19.95)

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    MNBAQ V-Cube ($24.95)

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    MNBAQ Umbrella ($19.95)


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