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The mission of the Librairie-Boutique is to showcase Quebec’s creations with a vast selection of products and a bookstore specializing in art books.

Located on the mezzanine, the bookstore offers MNBAQ publications, a large selection of books by Quebec publishers, galleries, exhibition centers and major events in contemporary art in Quebec. It also offers exhibition catalogues for major museums here and abroad.

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    Pop-up shop inspired by Berthe Morisot's exhibition. It is located in the Gérard-Morisset Pavillion.

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    MNBAQ apron, exclusive to the shop. A product designed by Milan Design (adult: $59.95 / child: $39.95)

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    Collection Guides | 3 publications from the MNBAQ complement the collections of contemporary art, decorative arts and design and Inuit art exhibited in the Pierre Lassonde Pavilion ($19.95 each)

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    L’art dans ma vie round-neck ($17.95) or V-neck ($19.95) unisex T-shirt / Magnets ($5.95) / Pencils ($1.00) / Pens ($5.95)

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    Large selection of framed reproductions of works from the MNBAQ’s permanent collection. Prices vary.

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    Selection of high-quality silk and cashmere squares. Unique pieces inspired by the work of Joan Mitchell, hand painted by Marilo. Prices vary.

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    Cappuccino cups, espresso, salt cellar and water pot by MC Girard, ceramist.

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    Products and publications on various international artists. 

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    Wide selection of art books.

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    Vast selection of jewelry created by Quebec artists.


You may also order by phone. Just call us and we can confirm the availability of your product.

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