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From Ferron to BGL Contemporary Art in Québec

This exhibition presents more than 60 key works from 1960 to today by essential figures in the history of Québec art.

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    Charbonneau, Roger, Jules Dumais du garage Supertest, de la série «Disraeli, une expérience humaine en photographie». 1972. Don de l'artiste, collectif de l'Imagerie populaire.

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    BGL, Lost in Nature (The Car), 1998. MNBAQ Collection.

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    Serge Tousignant, Green Pincers, 1967. MNBAQ Collection.

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    François Lacasse, The Arborescent Heart / Restraint, 2002. MNBAQ Collection.


In the wake of the redefinition of Quebec identity brought about by the Quiet Revolution, art in Québec went through unprecedented upheavals, whose range of repercussions this retrospective look will enable us to grasp. Work by well-known artists, major events and artistic movements will thus be put in perspective in a unique presentation employing astonishing associations.

Complemented by historical information and contextual references, this innovative panorama of the history of contemporary art will reveal the mutual influences and shared sensibilities that have animated artists and the great currents of contemporary art.

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contemporary art in quebec

Beaudry, Eve-Lyne
Fraser, Marie

Editor: Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
Price: 19, 95 $
Published on June 27, 2016
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