Demande de Réservation

Incarnations Photographs from the MNBAQ collection from 1990 to Today

February 19, 2015 to May 10, 2015

Depictions of the body and its fatality go hand in hand with the process of individualization that marks contemporary society. The refusal of the body’s ephemeral nature is fuelled in everyday life by mass photography, which effortlessly sweeps away the vicissitudes of the flesh at the cost of a cult of appearances. In the age of selfies seeking love and advertising that puts on display bodies retouched in the extreme, the exhibition Incarnations, made up of thirty works from the MNBAQ collection, serves as a counterpoint to this surface culture.

The exhibition includes photographs made from 1990 to today in which the body reflects the upheavals affecting our lives. These works also eulogize the sentient world, this flesh that can both touch and be touched and this body that proudly bears the traces of its joys and sufferings, like its unique identity. This exhibition is organized by the MNBAQ.

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    Photo: MNBAQ, Idra Labrie

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    Photo: MNBAQ, Idra Labrie

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    Photo: MNBAQ, Idra Labrie