Demande de Réservation

Kaleidoscope Variations on Glass

May 16, 2013 to October 13, 2013

Four kinds of contemporary Québec glass work present kaleidoscopic variations of forms and colours: “Transparency and Aura,in which the effects of transparency and opacity create this peculiar and intangible presence; “The Object and Sculpture,” in which the decorative or sculptural aspect of the work is brought to the fore; “Narrative and History,” whose works draw on dreams, memory and the past; and “Nature and Life,” in which glass depicts a fantastic and poetic flora.

Visitors will be fascinated and amazed by the lampwork, blown and etched glass, cut and polished lost-wax crystal cast glass and joined pieces of thermoformed glass. Works by Susan Edgerley (Chatoiement, 2008), Maude Buissière (Dans ma tête: Circulation, 2007) and others illustrate the theme “Transparency and Aura” by bringing out the play of transparency and opacity, shadow and light. The work of Bruno Andrus (Vase Totem, 2005) and Karina Guévin (Cerise, 2011), among others, takes up the theme “The Object and Sculpture,” when glass lends itself to various artistic projects between these two different approaches. In “Narrative and History,” artists such as Donald Robertson (Casque avec chevaux, 2008) and Michèle Lapointe (Mes mille peaux de bêtes, 2009) evoke memory, dream states and the paradox of the past and present. For “Nature and Life,” artists including Caroline Ouellette (Vénus II, 2006) and Carole Pilon (Fracture, 2005) breathe a spark of life into this inert substance. You don’t want to miss this show!

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    Dominique Beaupré-St-Pierre, Ça s’est reproduit au jardin Inconnu, 2009. Hot and cold glass, lampwork, sandcasting, nylon and copper thread, approx. 50 x 15 x 10 cm. MNBAQ coll. 

  • Df2e86b84d801aed5477ee9894f45a52?v=9

    Caroline Ouellette, Vénus II, 2006. Blown glass, moulded glass (pate de verre) and lampwork, 42 x 34.5 x 20 cm. MNBAQ coll.

  • 36c9b52fde35293083da8ffa0642a316?v=3

    Maude Bussières, Dans ma tête: Circulation, 2007. Lampwork and steel. MNBAQ coll.


The exhibition Kaleidoscope: Variations on Glass is organized and circulated by the MNBAQ. It arrived at the Musée following stops practically everywhere in Québec. Nearly 8,000 visitors throughout Québec have been able to appreciate the talent of our glass artists.