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Wandering A Rohingya Story

The exodus of the Rohingya people, a Muslim minority that has been persecuted for decades in Myanmar (formerly Burma), drew the attention of documentary photographer Renaud Philippe in 2018.

Committed, award-winning documentary filmmakers Olivier Higgins and Mélanie Carrier were deeply moved by Renaud Philippe’s commitment and powerful photographs and the urgency and scope of the situation. They decided with the photographer to return to southeastern Bangladesh, where the Kutupalong camp became within several months the biggest refugee camp in the world, to better make known this crisis the world over.

Wandering, designed by the filmmaking duo and produced by MÖ FILMS, in collaboration with Renaud Philippe, is an extraordinary immersive multimedia experience that presents the outcome of their work. The multidisciplinary exhibition, which comprises photographs, film excerpts, soundscapes, testimonies, children’s drawings, portraits by artist Rosalie Gamache and one hundred dioramas by artist Karine Giboulo, will immerse spectators in the day-to-day lives of the Rohingya refugees.

The situation experienced by this exiled people concerns us wherever we live. It invites us to reflect on the people interconnection and interdependence and the importance of solidarity.

Photo: © Renaud Philippe
Wandering, A Rohingya Story is presented with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil de la culture de la région de Québec and the Entente de développement culturel entre le gouvernement du Québec et la Ville de Québec, in collaboration with the Festival de cinéma de la ville de QuébecAntitube, HCR Canada, the CRIV, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Manicouagan-Uapishka World Biosphere Reserve, MU ConseilsMallette and the outstanding collaboration of the Rohingya refugees living in the Kutupalong camp and the Rohingya community in Quebec City.
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